Can you balance an egg on the equinox?!

Tuesday, March 21st

Is it true that you can only balance an egg on its tip during the equinox? There is Terry's answer, then there is the answer provided by SCIENCE.


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Grab that microphone Gerry Clifford. Like he did. So I today's the Vernal equinox if it is as a matter fact first days spraying yes true or false. Today is the only day they can balance an egg on its tip. Yes 1159 to 12 PM. 12 AM actually London champions twellman and yes in that it was proven to us Diana west wing last week really yet. How did it well you know. You can do it any day. It's not just the first day of spring and you know any day. Now most days of fall over Palin any day okay WB dot com I posted a video from an astronomer. Shows you. Before the Vernal equinox that he's balancing drag out his counter anything to do this I do this all the time show and you know slot besides kids lose any time. Has nothing to do with the day of the year the Vernal equinox Todd no Equant nothing I'm sorry but you know what I choose to believe CJ Craig. The Press Secretary for president Chad Bartley. Okay that part of debts like choose to believe what else it felt that. I tend to believe in science I don't know about you hope ever yeah okay action plans are IKI. To pocket by the way is its own species I had to explain my daughter's like to buck the year Guerrero. Like oh yeah. I guerrilla. Tight back. Higher functioning species and how he. She's old enough to know batter and what are you gonna become higher functioning sea and to top it.