Dylan Scott's Fitness Story

Thursday, April 13th

Dylan Scott is arguably one of the fittest men in country music. Find out how he got started in the gym, his diet (which he doesn't follow all the time!) and his advise for people walking into a gym for the first time. 


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There's Billy Kidd welcome to the beach trip podcast every week we chat with somebody in the fifth this world whether it's out locally nutritionists and trainers and things like that we also reach out. To Nashville to talk to some of the country artists about fitness and I would put this guy a as one of the most Jack country artists out there Dylan's got there would you disagree with that Dylan. I. Look. Yeah I'm. Here or art. Well let's let's talk about delays how did you get started where you hide a jock in high school. How are not meant operate like. A what little across all got our work. We're. A personal trainer that we. Got this you. And all England does does love it you know this is something about an hour days Clint. On the air you know especially at a little over and so that's Smart complex web site is still there and just think. When you when your home I'm imagining you have a routine like most people you go to the gym you do this you do that how does that work into your life on the road it's is that something you're really got to work out to get. Fitness and. Yes it does every day but it don't work that. You can at least look at. You know Guerrero electrical worker are authority correspondent. Who could you know. It's really hard eat. Eat eat lean try to die. You're groups. There's all they'll. So that Wendy's is competent both of you know marrying her and others. And the military elsewhere. I didn't look that. Now why they as far as nutrition goes do you have aid our philosophy or do you have a diet or what do you book maintain what you've got. What I knew that there were groups that want to eat right but if you bust are being adequately I don't like the extra extra hear about it. And you know I'll. Grilled chicken broccoli. Arm you know there is what Eric singer. And Britain and you know what party or any any at all. That out. There too but that's what works. Now you lie you have a beautiful wife I see pictures and it's Graham you guys do stuff together. I hear she is she a fitness person do. Senior who. Well look you got me it was only out she saw that I in the day that she's article with. She. Art or. It was your room. It's cold beer and absolutely well I don't mile walks work. Others about it through that great. Now I'm a big believer in you are the people that surround you. Your band I think he they threaten his guys. I'm a little brother Lokhmanian in either been done he goes now. And a couple of you know that we items. Do you think there's that pressure on. I mean there's always been pressure on women. To be good looking and pretty and you know where the right dresses and high heels when their onstage but do you think there's pressure now on dudes. To look a certain way to be honest. Meet personally I'm human just like that I'll look out there. Are I. Or on any. News or more a perk pervert like Ottawa they regret it. You know it we are literally. Where. Are they didn't vote for me personally. Yeah on October a month there. One piece of advice somebody is listening into this series thinking about starting to work out and nod you know put some muscle on what are you tell that person. You know of him so who out proper work out tomorrow. Urban. Apple whatever area get a date that worked out like that much outlook. On. Monologue. Lebanese allies are diluted retirement account where are the big earnings news. Don't know about Keiko. And beloved or bodies. You mentioned what if your first influence is wager yet I guy who was a trainer do you still work returners. I don't really work betrayed and that. You have learned their buddies. And Erica well. You reduce the other is gonna do about. Are you fit that guy you were run out. Are. Are all. Are not I've always been curious I especially year's show is really physical you're all over the stage. I would be curious to see how many calories you are burned at the United States Stewart and. Paul about their apparent that I served it out about it. It up wherein we. Know you don't look. Pretty current tour. Did not speak it would Dylan's got big you were out. For chat with us and I'm I'm sure you're on the road this summer where US. You know it. Who now have a. Club. Off theater it would go out there were compatible well. The mortgage is with the older brother there will bring live. I appreciate your time thanks to god have to root for argument.