Harley Davidson Exhibit at Strong Museum

Friday, January 20th

BMCC talks with granddaughter and great grandson of Harley-Davidson co-founder Walter Davidson and the exhibit and Strong Museum


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Get your motor run and it just got so much cooler in here tonight. Yeah are very excited to be joined in the studio. Hygiene and John Davidson. Of the legendary. Stance and family. Thing I'm let me turn you on their job. Am I might dump Craig I was just consumes a long road out here on the bike but we stayed warm in my among until late we we wrote fast. Now we're astronomer originally. You have a year round riding season or your frown no no are the most fairly the Davidson's. Migrated from Scotland. And landed in Wisconsin unfortunately no I'm kidding alone in my home state. But but who did. Everything grew out of the shed in my mother's grandmother's backyard it right Milwaukee and we are in Milwaukee tips till Wednesday. So if it weren't for use. This legendary Brandon Wood. Household name. Wouldn't exist. And it's true. It literally racing courses. That we thought. I thought man I am in 2006 about a fat boy. So I don't know smooth so you're welcome seed DiSpirito can thank you thank you it. Quote now well you guys are in town and headed this creative then going on at the strong museum of play. Growing up Harley-Davidson. Has the title of. It's called hands on a Harley-Davidson. It's a partnership with the motor company earlier smaller company in the bed he bring museum which is not a Milwaukee. On its touring all over the place the strong museum has it for a couple of months on the grand opening is tomorrow. Am a mother and I are very happy to be here representing the Davidson family and dom it's a really we just sought for the first time all set up. On and it's really cool the kids get to sit on minute miniature Harley-Davidson's. With a screen in front of them so it feels like they're driving down the road. On the right there. Like a net a similar thing for elegant NASCAR yet it's super super. A mother to our lucky enough to grow up surrounded by a motorcycle so we do we didn't meet needs something like capital lot of kids don't know you know anything about a motorcycle or anything above about motorcycles so it's really cool that they can sit on one end. Kind of cute you can turn the throttle down. Yeah yes my boy is gonna Marie thinks he or he wears a motorcycle helmet on his. So he's already got his own Ian so take your kids are gonna love best of all ages now do you rigel a. Are you can close to it. Don't know I write from my mother and I are are fortunate enough there we travel pretty much all the time to do ships mostly. And so Ira everywhere I Goer I have written all over the country all over the world really rigid. Great great tour of Scotland England in Austria oh recently spew really and it's good for me that to the dealer network Kasagic. Such a cool thing with with the motor company there the dealers are always welcome welcome will be muscle set me up with a bite go wherever I am and I arrived. I don't know how many miles a year but says some very fortunate my. How does full disclosure here my family was in our league game. Really that for quite some time in. Changes in Carly. Is suburb of Houston Texas he's down there. It's a good what's your bag you like DA is good here you like to read the vintage. Bikes or do you like this don't happen on an island like dead and it jumble. I'm very very fortunate today that. I acquired a collection. Of my own Mayo play I saw I am a collector myself of course there's the beautiful museum the Milwaukee. On them my cousins actually running into a fabulous job. But I have a personal collection my father was a big collector on celeb likes have been passed down. From my grandfather to my father to me so you have an evil can evil. You know I have old actually we are normal mom was good friends of them and I am I thought her. And some in my early memories all my mom until some great ones but. I hung Alabama that it when I was a young boy and I just thought he was like he always he was pretty much it cools guys than ever walk the plan itself. The economy and what about heart scan you'd locate parts pretty she is gonna list him but it's by atomic almost son in law on the big Macs Kazaa now. I'm on a springer for a NN like my you don't even know man yeah how she'd like to springer for an end to I. Did you pick the calls he looked really good and evil but did you have a nickname for. She's a crush on it at an all. I can I Wear out there Arizona doing kick off Fred. New museum out there with buddy Stubbs. Heal some rough shape most right before. It really abused his body. He was the real deal I don't think they'll ever be another cowboy rule at what he did he was an open was a hot militant was cut tape delayed William there was he lived hard. And he was larger than life when you talk to home when in my music kit analysis at home guide your cool you know also. We actually saw a jump in Chicago when I was very young boy were that special guests and we are right up front and he came flying through the doors on XR 750 Harley capital really threw a little doorway like this. It's the jump I think he jumped like eighteen cars may be kept his head little miss the the girders. On by six inches. And there's no way I did just got there so I know you do mill is he would get as well turn to say. Some did you have to lecture him not you got it right now they are again. I should lose his question juncture put Harley's and he's friendly with them. You're hardly know. They're good friends of mine yet very good friends of mine my second book we have seven books all together. My second book. I co row with apparently granddaughters. I went out the phone all of almond said come on come land. Let's do this together because nobody knows about Q so if I was doing a book signing. In fact I want to try and kill. Tis some metal fest. One that was there and I took their granddaughter. Of a fairly. Interesting it's his knee. It's a great history and it's funny because the rose one Harley and the worst three Davidson's. We come from Walter Davidson. Who was the first president. The president for forty years which were something we're very proud of on. And in. Each each of the four founders had a little bit of a different role high and they all kind of stuck to their own rule their own what they were good debt and mr. Harley none of this would be here without him he was the inventor he was a designer. You see that you acquired Guidant spend all this time just. Designing part Seattle's eighty patents in this lifetime in his name in the motor company's name on. Are my great grandfather limo who we come from Walter became the president elect said he was. Very very structured very disciplined very pervert to lead company you know what would he think. The net cubic inches we have in the motors today vs the ones he was crank and I just can't I can't even imagine I wish that it was some holiday some you know. And you my relatives could come back and see what these machines like now I mean I've been you would just be blown out knocked down on the floor. Below the last. A motorcycle they were all together for the forefathers are still life force and knucklehead I'm okay you can we're talking about pin heads. Which was. Started in nineteen 1937. One to 1946. It'll eleven year run there was a revolutionary machine. We you're only talking about you know 61 cubic inches you know much time you know compared to what's going on now we'll ma oh sixes and 88 in what are they now 12130. Love to do Milwaukee eight is a box oven honey you know handsome curia that's amazing so you don't talk about race the yeah yeah. At least have us but don't bring those guys up. Sorry that I know they're nice but they're give all the cool dressers and I mean I must do rather cools lag too I wouldn't let them on my property because the I was there and I just didn't announce figures and Isaiah come over and hang out with an opportunity to go to another. I do grow good people. Tomorrow. And Sunday and I eat the night it gene Davis whose opinions and talk and bird doing. It's it's sold out unfortunate on so so but we argued that tonight we're gonna be there to moral all pretty much all they were from eleven to four. Army we love mongering and we love meeting people I do. And Sunday as well will be their eleven to one. Home eleven that what one hour so right on the real well before want to force of tomorrow level of force so solid and all this on alternate. We'll put it out of me FaceBook page but the exhibit runs into me. And says something for everybody were concerned museum of course you. A museum is it all might catch the the beautiful the local dealer is. Cycles up according to dabble butcher motorcycles brought over a real motorcyclist who sides of the kitty machines so there's cool stuff for adults as well yeah they got a replica or three over there they got a really cool XR 715 rate exact like that evil road and there's a beautiful one over there. On there's a big you only should flathead. Over there it's pretty cool it's 43 I believe so what's a cool stuff secede. We get a huge huge Charlie community here good and a greater Rochester area so I wouldn't be surprising gallery elbow to elbow they sold all the banquets which is good on Liu. Toilet TO last chance to give me any free samples before you leave. And Matthews came with a couple bites on a trailer out. Actually sensible over cool for our disciplined and jobs and that. I've architecture school hangers okay don't know it's worked his talking about closed in on trust me on and closets full don't know until Arkansas. Iron barely got there apparently ya having Great Dane is wonderful to me she is cool listening that enemies so far this morning. The bigger than the inauguration. Yes. Justin just talk about good. Come over the strong reason to be kind of get away from the whole political thing for awhile as we all share the same road you know remain so come over look at some motorcycles cleared had a bowl. All the political stuff but. Politics are important but you know get take a break.