I don't want friends at my house

Thursday, March 2nd

My wife thinks I'm weird because I don't want to have friends hanging out at our house. 


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Gerry Clifford Billy Kidd my wife thinks I'm weird. How even Mary okay now let me a message and an uncanny let me put doubt Al why should they camera. She does she ever invite people over to the house why don't we ever have friends over. Like where your friends come over occasionally she has friends come over I never hang out would anybody have my house. So why is that we get everybody has friends come over. NM I stop and think okay what it well. Why don't I invite friends over. Because I worked a lot. And yeah we do is a very. Unique thing we have to be on all the time we can't have a bad day we can't come to be I'm just tired right. But that doesn't fly you're not employed on when you're like Dan on the radio. So coming here even when we're not in this room on the hair. I wish I could put a marker floated some of the meetings were in because it's a butcher radio people and were always performing that's never odd. And it never stops so were outing concerts or how to lot were around people all the time yelling lots of people and we have to be. And teach it all and quite frankly by the time the weekend comes. I'm ready Disco. Yeah take a breath. You guys have people over. Well we use to quite regularly until we. Adapted a 106 pound yellow lab. That will jump on you and just make a total. You know. You know one of herself. Did you OK guys your kids are grown yet they are. So they can take care of themselves more as a lot of you having people over inviting people overseas can have a life for social life. Well it was it was a combination because you know most of our friends at that point also hit kids to sell. When they came over they brought their kid our kids did other kids to play I live in and we ended up getting enough. We would always you know set up the table somewhere else they're gonna do their own integrity of their own dinner we ate dinner together and had their moments in the portal a bottle of exactly that somehow we put a ramp up came. So it and you can't we also at once a year would have. The Auburn crowd happened once here we have the cow the college crowd in and so yeah we did a lot of entertaining and we. We miss it and you know and that's wrong that we allow a dog like candidate. A big dollar in its a lot of hair in it. You know a lot of yelling and other people don't wanna cut and just assume go out and have a nice meal with somebody. I know you pick through it on your bag today get it saves lighted up I would just soon go out have a male even if it's that just a diner somewhere. Known they or Syria then there's sort of a OK it's an hour or two and then everybody goes their separate ways and that's the. It has a nice evening that's dug he likes to do that Andy will always say eating meat before we make the plants now is. If somebody says connect to the house for coffee after yelled we've got to go wow rescue harper. And then. He's even further to the edge that I am is hard core he does now wanna leave the house at the time does not want to see now that's that's the equation in my world. My wife has a homebody. Yeah I should tell you she's not she's a homebody my daughter total homebody. Does never she never wants the league to how. It's okay take another eight babies when or where they're. You know he can't leave that he got thirty element of that. It is just easier to stay here outlet. Describe that money. A little bit at odds. So I guess technically what you say is you who and Valerie are both very weird rose when it comes down to. Pretty much bits that aren't we lucky.