Project Lean Nation Chief Nutritionist Lora Grace Catalino

Wednesday, April 5th

Episode #2: Billy Kidd chats with Project Lean Nation Chief Nutritionist Lora Grace Catalino about the addictive nature of sugar, the "perfect" diet and desceptive marketing of some processed foods. 


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I welcome to another deep pit podcasts is number two in rehab be a person actually knows what she's talking about yeah. Not just a pretty face I'm Laura raise cattle you know. But I think that right yes he did OK yeah I chief nutritionist at tragically nation and I mean the whole point of this is to just get as much information out to people as we possibly can about fitness. About nutrition. A lot of people you see on TV our first guest was a guy that was on the bachelor and they're all jacked up and look like male models and it's kind of like okay how did you get to be that way. And he had a great story about how he went from being in high school played football too where he is now a veteran and you know really Smart guys so. You know when we do these things it could be the fun stuff it could be the heavy duty. How to get their staff today is one of those days we're gonna talk specifics when it docked nutrition with you can't first about a already your background is. You were for project. Leanings I work for project lead nation born and raised in Rochester New York. My study nutrition that are eighteen. And I'm currently the chief nutritionist AK nutrition and at project lean journeys and good. Get on your business cards. Not yet it's not a good way to. Our most common mistakes people make when they're trying to lose weight so. You're fifty pounds overweight summer's coming you know I think that's what's the biggest issue that you see with people. Now my cats and mine is raising is still Manny I mean Anna I'm sure a million different things there is on cable the first thing that comes and mind is. Delayed it people shops for healthy food still. Right now in our in our environment we're surrounded with. Healthy food. Healthy food products a things that are labeled low fat. You know rich in anti access anything that's labeled. Rich in anti accidents. You probably could have a better choice than Nat just the pure fact that the have to label it in its marketing strategies so there's lots of it's hard because there's false claims are my favorite is the word light lights up late does that even mean right color no definition. Lighten natural obvious things that are stamped on food products. I'm in it's tough because you think you're making a right decision to pick up a granola bar that lights or you know high in protein. In reality or nine in nineteen that that really Communist to talk to people all the time anybody you know Michael and eating. Little fat he older and I had this on sugar free something animals at time when you choose things like that from the grocery store. I'm is actually hurting you in the long until I'm more positive now I would think. And whenever I hear something in mind an alias guide people to just stick Qiyue. Real whole foods off the dozen heavily blindness stuff that's not packet tells people at whole foods means a lot of people ignore ideally I. I'd like it's just a part of my everyday and I I am a whole foods whole foods are. I dare Compaq's. The hasn't been really tempered when. Is that grow from the earth things that you can you know we don't go out and count ourselves with things that have been you know me up that roam around and just foods that are rich in nutrients in the not stripped still a lot of things that are in. Package is in the stores they're stripped of nutrients they're chemically altered their filled with. Additives in August that's a whole food is just things. Foods that are rich in comp plaques in you probably have to cook them you probably have to watch them I think cut them up and stick them in your Kendall's our whole foods. So stuff that hasn't been crunched her machine. Yeah is very guy you know without the diets that are out there he used were diet it's die with a TI now there's a lifestyle and you either live it or you don't Lou that's the way I look at it but is there a a perfect. Diet I mean I know this is controversial. Now I love this guy this is so fast everybody's like what's the magic bullet yak what's the magic guy what's the following Jack and I and in an. It's crazy because it we just go through all these waves of diet fad diets and on and everyone wants to know all in all what's what's the perfect it Scioscia must known. The pitcher is right in that there really is no perfect guy is where all individuals all required different they. As far as diet is part as far as ingredients in specific types of eating you know whether he. The in vegetarians. Need free dairy free green tree gluten free you know we all required different things as individuals and at a cost to figure out what do weenie. However I feel like there is wine. Standing principle. Of a close to perfect or perfect I and that is we just talked about which is just real food. You know I think most on people who are doing a pair ELV in vegetarian. You know on the other day as a whole I diet yeah what what is the one thing that they agree. People who eat whole foods you know eat whole foods don't Orioles don't. Junk food don't need a mean added sugar I'm I'm pretty sure all of them agree that's the mean principles oats honey there is no perfect I. I think everyone. Unite to figure out. XP based on your history be your body odor on site usage sugar. It's it's a octave. Is it is it is yes sugar is addictive it is a drug. It's extremely toxic. That's been my biggest challenge what is it I've lost a bowl ought to wait but sugar. Holy mackerel. If there's currently share its tail I don't eat them anymore but my god it's like I'm walking away from my first born I now. It is it's hard sell hard. The Liddy what is your goatee to deal I just don't need it and then I step on the scale and got him look at that it's still going down act so it's I think it's sugar. And it's all about consistency like you've got to act. And they have some bad days Greek he Manning get into picture but as long as you're. You know the road the road to success isn't in India's state and Camilo Bobby yeah soul is lying as your keep you keep moving forward and keep trying to keep adding your diet and Keaton taking those steps every day does that get better does get better yet still all of those things that damaged Michigan does your body is reversible. Which is a good thing you can Healy your body but only in the absence of shocker though. Crazy yeah and that stuff is in everything. It's in every it is and everything every drink you pick out yeah every food every well you go back to process. Now there's been let they're gonna say whether sugar apples. Yup so that's another different bell right up that's another very commonly asked question. And there is sugar in the sugar in fruit is different because it is accompanied with other components like fiber. In other things that react to batter in your body and on so I do believe that you know I sugar from fruit is different and sugar added checkered. But if you're someone who's being so hyped up I added sugar your whole life in your ideas in this extensive. Sugary state. Where your blood sugars in high for ever. Isn't that asking for you to be. Consuming a lot of fruit. I don't personally believes well I think you should probably limit the checkered to as low as possible yeah but not CD can enjoy that sometimes that's mine. Got a question from interwebs. Valerie ass after taking antibiotics for any reason how do you suggest to restore your stomach. I think she means she's got the sour stomach after taking the antibiotics. Just. He's got a good restore lawyers like feel lake on antibiotics. In your gut is really powerful it's. A lot of your immune system is stored in your cot and they being. That when you take antibiotics and medicines and times it damages it removes the good bacteria out of your got. Soul I am my suggestion is she you. Eat a healthy whole foods and it's really mean it takes some pro by addicts to promote healthy. Bacteria and got a limit added sugars. Added sugar is actually promote bad bacteria in your that's clear. Her and that bacteria in your that you take antibiotics is not RD kindness. Altered so we wanna do is build that back up through healthy food no added checkers and probably a pro attic. You go back to pull food thing yeah it did everyday straight and our question for the gym this morning I'm pregnant active and be. What should I be eating to make sure I'm getting enough protein mom. And I worry about my beacon friends are they getting enough protein in general. If they're working out. Possibly possibly not a theme that. I you can get. Crooks from a lot of a different foods not just to meet. She could do rule if your son who is he again and you are looking for a complete sources of protein. You wanna be mixing things slightly Gomes in grains out there because to gather those combined issue. Complete proteins which is what you really need in your body to build. On high quality protein not just. You know there's a certain science to it itself. I was suggests eating mean mean Tom Brown rice and beans together those things it would give you sufficient protein. And not add one other question somebody was asking if they should see a nutritionist or registered dietitian and I said I'm not sure I know the difference between those two. Jack is there a difference in a different sol. A basically I'm registered dietitian has gone through four years of undergrad. They teach in the dying 15100 hours in me on in an internship and then you sit down for a board exam. And that. Have registers you as a die teach. So I nutrition danced really anyone can. You did nutritionist claim is not on. Regulated so I gotcha I mean really anyone could be and nutrition as a pitcher the red dietitian and you've got very specific standards you got to meet before you can use it to get a lot of it's really just a matter of 15100 hours in. The internship. And then you take the exam. And basically that allows you to work in. Clinical settings like hospitals and nursing home. I'm in other things like that should I be seeing run over the other honestly I think that. My fear if you're Joseph six pack in the gym and you just wanted to tweak here. You know your your regiment and figure out what works best for you which would you recommend. It depends on is that isn't there hasn't yet. We you can have you can you can see a registered dietitian who has no idea what they're talking about you can also see an nutritionist. Someone who's been setting nutrition their whole life. Very educated who's very sound with their philosophy is yet. And and so it really depends on the person I think I think just there at the title of a registered dietitian doesn't mean Q knowledgeable. In the same thing for nutritionists. Seoul should ice be seeing line over the other. I think you should do your research on this person's background. You know seafood they've worked went. And in kind of make your best judgment you know. That's nine. That's not the right answer to get a I could talk nutrition all night edition for months we come back yeah. She read how should we do this from god I have questions I love you my top bigger. I don't know role at the pod I think I could. I love the questions again. Again mark professionals like and we'll do it that way into our how to people get in touch with it and wanted to reach out to you on the Internet FaceBook on my ass any of that. Tons of platforms so I am. First I would doesn't mean. Look up. Projects lean nation or myself on FaceBook. We have a large community. I think in our mining instinct Graham I'm stacked chat practically nation is on all of those things is wow. The videos by the way golf is gonna. How the videos. I love the video all of your daily job without the out we that we really pour her insulin today there's sort they're ready to deploy after they they don't lose me because got a video is just drag on and on and on and you guys beating you yeah out grind grind YouTube cell where I am part of my job is also. Just playing contact Al into the community because people really need to hear this stuff sell. Tightness on YouTube would be soup there are supported us sharing our videos commenting on videos at. We pour out this information to the community and I'll retain it. We're trying to get that. Backed us who want to hear from people know what. I don't think you for coming any kids so it's a fine.