You won't believe what Terry wants in her casket

Tuesday, March 28th

It was announced recently that select cemeteries in the Rochester area will allow you to be buried with the ashes of your pets. Terry says there will be alot more than that in her casket. 


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Or Gerri Gerri yes the big I know how much you love your animals well gosh I do I really detailed how would you love to spend all of eternity with. Or animals and Atlanta doing OK and here's the thing guy can do it legally. I know you plan was to have Boone dropped smashes in the casket. Oh I wanted the whole box. The deal they just made it legal and a handful of cemeteries around New York to be buried. With the ashes of your dearly departed animals. You know wouldn't let me was really hoping to go out in renegade style and if you like level you know all but. About darn time a lot of people do not understand the relationship between pets and their and their owners and owners in their pack. There are very strict regulations I am. You know that the pad had to read cremated at a certified. Crematorium goblet I mean like there's a lot of rules attached to this to make it happen. Oh okay are able mine were all cremated I don't understand why you you mean you're dead you're in the ground who. Here so we're obligated or department or not. Can't people don't know but you know there's lots of rules and regulations you know when boot goes he wants to have a big earned of coffee at the top of his gasket. And when these little things to say we have a couple coffee are a couple coffee with dog and cat he's planning or to broach adverse funeral. You. Bioshock drugs funeral brought to 500. I so the diocese of Rochester is there anything else you would want secondly do. All I could pencils to go with it definitely myself on ads about where he's stopped in the IE your card you know why colored pencils. Just would like did color to its. Who's got more stress in this life really. And in its early leaves you and I always nice to show up in somebody's house without hostess gift a low. I think be in I'll get confused saint Peter there I know he's the guard dog. I'm not really got me into. Well that's how I'll let him pick one or two out at puzzles in the little cases since this date man this is gonna ask you have this new. Case every time I walk into the studio this stuff this journal about you put it in your case you hold it up within my basic things. State. That she doesn't it's written right out of the bag I candidate target in the dollar section of course you got it's wonderful I think it's faux leather. You really don't Cabrera be real either. Of its. That would zealot for a dollar I doubt it could.