Between Shifts

Billy Kidd and Terry Clifford do a show between their shows. Not on purpose, though. It just happens! We call it “Between Shifts” because while Terry is leaving the studio as her show is ending and Billy is starting his, they talk. Sometimes they yell and maybe even cry every now and then. We hope you enjoy hearing what happens “Between Shifts” here at WBEE!

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I will haunt you after I die

Wednesday, February 1st
Terry said she will haunt her friends after she dies. Billy would be more of a "creeper" haunter for reasons we can't really discuss here.

Leave Barron Trump alone!!!

Wednesday, January 25th
Terry can't believe that we even have to have the conversation about protecting kids in the White House from attacks on social media.

Mourning Celebrities

Wednesday, January 4th
I know people who cry when celebrities have passed away. I know people who make fun of the situation. Is there a healthy and right way to mourn the passing of...