Between Shifts

Billy Kidd and Terry Clifford do a show between their shows. Not on purpose, though. It just happens! We call it “Between Shifts” because while Terry is leaving the studio as her show is ending and Billy is starting his, they talk. Sometimes they yell and maybe even cry every now and then. We hope you enjoy hearing what happens “Between Shifts” here at WBEE!

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Society & Culture


Death quilt

Monday, October 23rd
"Memory blaket" or "Death quilt." Have it made before you go and your family gets rid of all your crap.

Dream Cars

Monday, October 23rd
Tom George stopped by for a visit with his spiffy new to him Corvette. That got Billy and Terry talking about their dream cars.

How can Terry hate THIS movie?!

Tuesday, September 19th
A classic Sci-Fi movie has been released with a special 40th anniversay edition. Terry HATES this movie. How in the world do you hate THIS movie?!