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I'm lovin' these shades!!!

08/04/2010 3:51AM
I'm lovin' these shades!!!
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08/04/2010 4:27AM
hey i called a while ago. I love your shades!You look like an emo teenager like the guys said. NO OFFENCE! I saw those out at the Dollar Tree last week. I can back up that other women. Well i hope the theer of you have a great morning! Bye! - Karleen
08/04/2010 4:42AM
oops!!! I spelled three wrong! My bad!
08/04/2010 5:56AM
Billy Kidd
You look like someone Joe Pesci would call to get rid of a body.
08/04/2010 7:16AM
Billy Kidd! This is your mother! Dont say that!....no i'm not your mother.I agree.For all i know you could be a terminator with those shades. LOLZ!!!
09/17/2010 3:20PM
val &jadyn
you could be ronnie milsaps sister.
09/24/2010 8:44AM
you look like you could kick some you know what lol.
07/29/2013 6:58AM
coke float
I think your fat face is eating those shades
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