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Greetings from the Convalescence Couch

 As I'm sure you have heard or noticed, I haven't been at work for about a week.  Last Sunday afternoon, I asked Jason to take me to Immediate Care in Webster because I'd been in just enough back pain that it was no longer manageable.  I knew I had a bulging disc in my lumbar, but it had turned into something altogether different.  While I was dressing, I heard and felt a pop in my lower back and fell down to the ground, unable to feel anything below my belly button anymore.

In tears, Jason drove me to Immediate Care in Webster where the staff was so patient and caring, dealing with a blubbering 31 year old woman standing in front of them.  They called me back into the exam room, assessed my symptoms, gave me a shot to make me more comfortable, and the Physicians Assistant made calls on my behalf to Emergency Rooms...she felt it was important I get an MRI that day.  She also gave me instructions that probably changed my life: 

"Make sure they know how much pain you're in." 
"But, since the shot, I'm not...-"
"No, make SURE they know how much pain you're follow?  If they don't think you're in pain, you won't get an MRI."

And, with that, Jason and I went off to Unity Health Systems at her recommendation.

I went in a few hours later for my MRI and the results were devastating.  I was told I needed immediate surgery, that I fully herniated a disc that was laying on my 
Cauda Equina, the bundle of nerves in the spinal cord that feed feeling in the legs, control walking, and most of the "undercarriage" bodily functions.  

Although the diagnosis, the surgery, and the recovery were terrifying, I was in great hands as my surgeon is well respected and highly decorated.

I came out of surgery without complications, God Bless, and wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

I am so blessed to have the love of my boyfriend Jason who stood by me through some pretty scary, gross, and bleak stuff. My family, who came from Pennsylvania and Florida to be with me...thank you.  I'm so lucky to be so blessed with so many people who love me!!

To my anesthesiologist (the sweetest, most soft spoken woman, reminded me of my Mom), the Dr. Wensel and his team, Dr. Maurer, and LNP Mary, thank you for caring for a scared girl at her darkest hour.

To the nursing/care/physical therapy staff on 2200 at Unity Health System, the level of care, concern, support, and confidence you gave me in the hours and days following my surgery are by and large the reason I am as well as I am today.  It sounds backwards, but, despite having a life altering syndrome, this was the most enjoyable horrific experience of my life.  I really had "fun" with the staff on 2200.

Cauda Equina Syndrome has some pretty scary ramifications of untreated for long periods of time...but, because the surgical and medical staff at Unity Health Systems moved with such speed, precision, knowledge, and care, I am expected to make a full recovery to normal life.

And, most importantly, YOUR thoughts and prayers, Facebook notes, Tweets, and emails have made me feel like I have a huge cheering section through Rochester.  My WBEE family has been instrumental in getting me back on my feet (literally!) and the overwhelming outpouring of love and support has fueled each step, gotten me over each hurdle, and put a smile on my face when I needed it most.

I'll close with a funny story...

It was the wee hours of Tuesday morning and my nurses were helping me to pee with the use of a special Straight Cath kit.  (Google it...I'll spare you the details.)  I'm in a state of undress and a position that only happens after Jason buys me a really nice dinner and I'm peeing into a bed pan.

Val and Althea, my night nurses, ask me what I do for a living.  When I told them, they both laughed and said "I KNEW IT!!  I knew I recognized your voice!!"  And, in my precarious, vulnerable, and embarrassing state, I said, with as much dignity and humility as I could muster,

"Yes, girls, you're currently helping Jesse from WBEE pee into Tupperware."  :)

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09/04/2011 1:54PM
Greetings from the Convalescence Couch
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09/04/2011 3:29PM
Hi Jesse!
Jesse! I am so glad to hear you're recovering nicely. What a scary time for you. I saw Lisa at Weggies the other day ( she made me an awesome sub) and she told me what had happened. While we want you to take your time and recover, please hurry back!! We miss you! A-bird
09/04/2011 4:53PM
We Love You, Jesse!
We will be with you every step of the way as you recover. We can't put into words how much you'll be missed, both on and off the air. You're a pleasure to work with and an important part of our team. Get well soon. Dave Beck/WBEE
09/06/2011 11:54AM
Hi Jesse,
Just found out why you have been missing on the BEE, so to hear what happened, but very happy to hear you are doing well and that your recovery is coming along. You are missed and look forward to your full recovery and return to the BEE. Cheryl Champlin ( a fan)
09/06/2011 1:48PM
Get Well Soon
So sorry to hear about your back but glad to hear that your surgery went well and you are on the road to recovery. Jason is awesome. It is wonderful to have loved ones by your side when going through something like this. I miss listening to you every day. Take care of yourself and hurry back! Tracy
10/17/2011 3:17PM
Feel Better Soon!
Best wishes with your recovery. We listen to you everyday at work and you are missed. Hang in there! Joanne Henrietta
03/06/2013 12:16PM
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