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Hometown: Auburn, NY.

Now Lives In: Penfield.

Birthday: August 31.

Family: The Bood Man and I have two college age kiddos, both Buffalo bound! Life is supposed to get quieter now but still no sign of that!

Things I love about my job:  Well I hit the lottery again!  I’m Terry Clifford and I’m lovin’ Middays!  I have been  here since the Age of the Dinosaur, OK, maybe not that long but close!!  :)    Since 1987, when WBEE hit the airwaves I have covered every air shift and many other jobs at The BEE, it is very much my “radio home”.  Tragically, my alarm clock broke recently and rather than investing in a new one, I decided to fly solo!!  I co-hosted The BEE Morning Coffee Club for 19 years with my partners in crime Bill Coffey, Fred Horton, Steve Hausmann and Jeremy Newman and then I was paroled!!  Middays, the “bankers hours of radio” is where you will find me now, lovin’ life and sleeping in!!  From the bottom of my heart Rochester, I thank you for supporting country music and WBEE for so long, please continue!  Call me at 222-WBEE, text me at 94092, tweet at @925WBEE or hit me up on facebook.com/WBEERochester! We’ll chat, play some requests, solve world problems and have a laugh, I do like to laugh!

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