Terry Clifford


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Hometown: Auburn, NY

Now Lives In: Penfield

Birthday: August 31st

Family: Me and the Bood Man have 2 college age kiddos, both Buffalo bound! Life is supposed to get quieter now but still no sign of that!

Things I love about my job, first and foremost I love Jeremy and Steve, EQUAL! I play no favorites. I am so lucky to have them in my life and share this wacky show with them. The rest of the crew here, Billy, Jesse and the gang are blessings every one. The artists are among the nicest, most humble people I have ever met. I love the music, our building is sweet and the collection of radio stations in the High Falls Studios are the best on the air in Rochester NY!!!! I’m a lucky lady, 26 years into it, I’m still livin’ the dream. Thanks for making that possible for me Rochester!

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  1. Peter Skillman

    Hi Terry. I wrote a book and I want to send it to you. It is about me and my medical career as a National Registered E.M.T., United States Navy Corpsman and a Registered Nurse for almost 30 years. I’m sure you will like it. If you want to check it out, email me back and I’ll email it to you.
    ( The wife says that I can’t give anymore real books away.)
    Also, I want Tom George to see it. It has military stories in it and I heard that he was in the Army.
    Peter Skillman


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