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  1. Lydia Palmer

    Thanks for the comments about the Baker plant smells. thought you might find this interesting. the Baker operating permit from NYS DEC is here http://www.dec.ny.gov/dardata/boss/afs/permits/826420000300009.pdf. Look at 2 areas: Page 11-12 lists the chemicals they are allowed – ALLOWED – to emit. That alone should make your hair stand on end, but keep in mind that there are more than 100 chemicals involved/emitted during the rendering process. Second page to look at is page 25, right at the top, that says they are not allowed by state regulation to emit the level of smells they have been emitting for the last 3-5 years. There is a reason they are regulated – go back to page 11-12 to find out why!

    Love the show. I’ve listened for more than a decade.

  2. christine edinger

    I’m having trouble receiving emails. I am a Bee coffee club member and didn’t get info on buying tickets early for guitars and stars and I see they are on sale today at Wegmans Are there any tickets left in the reserved seating section?

  3. Elaine Evangelos

    Spencer Speedway 60th Anniversary celebration Friday August 8th. Many past drivers will be present including Geof Bodine Come enjoy Party in the Pitts following the races featuring Mark Evangelos and the Sportsman

  4. Peg Jefferds

    I used to listen to WBEE until 105.3, Hornell, NY began. When TJ left and I found out where she went, I’m back! As a rural carrier I’m in the car 5 hours+ a day. You guys make my day! I smile again! I love the guy that said”He hasn’t done crap yet” talking about the snow plow tips. The only problem I’ve found is at the Post Office in Almond we can’t get reception! Thanks for a great show in the am and 10-3pm. I love the turkey and pie an a bag. You make my job so much more entertaining, other that all I see is- slow down, another hunter in front of me!
    Peg Jefferds

  5. Lisa

    What is the website TJ was talking about earlier this week in regard to ways to make money (get paid for aps, etc.) ?


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